Three Couples of Malabag Unida Give Thanks to the Lord

A tradition of thanking the Lord for the blessings He freely gives to everyone is one that we should not forget to cultivate. Instead, we should continue it and do it as often as possible.

It is especially heartwarming to know how our brothers and sisters are blessed by God. It lifts our spirit to the proof of God's grace to each one of us.

Testimonies (as many would call it) or thanksgiving is not meant to boast to produce envy. It is designed to attest to God's wonderful works in our lives that we should be proud of.

We are, therefore, blessed to witness three of Malabag Unida Church's couples who have significant blessings to thank the Lord for.

They are:
  1. Noemy and Marvin - for their new baby boy. 

    On December 03, 2015, Noemy gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she and her husband named him Vincemar Nathan. It is their second child.

    For parents like them, a new baby is the greatest blessing of all.

  2. Fred and Madel - for their new business venture Marcopolo Garden

    Although a venture like this is indeed a blessing, it's always a challenge to put up a business. Most people would suspect that capital is the only problem. But that is just one part of it. As owners, all the efforts and results are their responsibility.

    So this couple, like all businessmen, worked really hard for this dream to succeed and they could not have done it without God's blessings raining upon them.

  3. Carlos and Giselle - for their upcoming wedding.

    Entering a new phase of their lives, this couple decided to level up their relationship by taking the next logical step. That is, tying the knot. 

    Even if marriage is not an easy life for anyone, their decision to get married is in itself showing their love for each other, their determination to live together and the awesome hand of God that will make all these possible.


We would love to share more of your stories to every member of the church. Through this, we can express our deepest gratitude to our Maker and encourage our brothers and sisters as well. 

If you have something to share please head to our Contact Us page above and send us your story so that we can publish it on the next one.

God bless you!
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