Couples’ Night 2016 - A Celebration of Love and Marriage (Feb 14 - 6 PM at MUC Worship Hall)

Being in love with another person is one of God’s greatest gifts.

The scripture says among faith, hope and love, LOVE is the greatest. (1 Cor. 13:13) People who have experienced true love will agree wholeheartedly.

But as couples would attest from their lives together, loving someone is not always easy.

It’s not all happiness and excitement. It may be those things at the very start. But in your journey together, there will be many challenges that needs to be overcome.

And these challenges can sometimes zap the couples’ energies. It can also cause the withering away of what was a very good start.

If they let it, couples’ challenges turn into problems. Later on, problems can lead to differences. And eventually, differences become irreconcilable.

Surely, that is not what God has intended. God would not want couples to give up on each other.

Instead, God wants couples to stay together and remain strong in the face of problems. God wants relationships to grow and mature. God wants couples to be able to build their love on a strong foundation.

But in order to achieve this, couples cannot just sit idly by and let things happen on their own. They should be deliberate in their efforts to achieve a successful relationship.
To this end, here are 12 practical tips that couples can use to strengthen their relationship.
  1. Start the day with a kiss. Beginning the day with a gesture of love can go a long way in a happy relationship. It’s a kind of appreciation you express that words can sometimes fail to deliver.
  2. Establish a regular weekly or monthly date. Dedicating time together helps couples appreciate what they have in each other. With all the other stuff going on, it’s easy to lose sight of the relationship and just focus your attention to whichever urgently needs fixing. Setting dates refocuses the couple and helps them avoid neglecting their relationship.
  3. Accept differences. No two people are exactly the same. Even couples have differences. It would help the relationship if couples accept that some things about their partners just cannot be changed. 
  4. Be gentle. Harsh words can hurt people and your spouse is no exception. Being gentle even in emotionally charged situations can help to prevent misunderstandings.
  5. Give gifts. Do this not for the value of the object given. It is the thought of thankfulness and appreciation that counts.
  6. Smile often. Smiling communicates openness to the other person. It helps to signal to each other that it’s okay to approach and engage.
  7. Laugh together. Laughter is the best medicine. And sharing it with someone you love is invaluable in experiencing joy together.
  8. Talk about your goals. Couples should be aligned as to each other’s aspirations. They are a team in achieving the goals they set for their relationship and family. They should not neglect talking about goals on a regular basis.
  9. Look your best. Most people do not care as much about their looks after marriage. But they do want their spouses to look good. So looking your best always is not only good for you but will surely make your partner happier.
  10. Apologize when at fault. Conflicts that are bound to come up fail to get resolved when both parties cannot apologize. Recognizing that each of you have contributed for the situation to worsen is enough reason to take responsibility and apologize to your partner.
  11. Pray for your spouse daily. Praying for someone is a very selfless act of love. Do it regularly for your spouse. Because if he or she is blessed by God, it will rub off on you.
  12. Attend the Malabag Unida Couples’ Night. (You are welcome to attend on February 14, 2016 at 6 PM to be held at Malabag Unida Church Worship Hall) Occasions that rekindle relationships such as this is a golden opportunity. There will be free dinner, games, singing, inspirational talk and more! If you are a couple who cares deeply for your long-term relationship, attend and be blessed!
You may add to the list through the comments below. See details of the event on the photo invitation above.

God bless you!
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